About us

The Korean Buddhism Promotion Foundation(KBPF) is dedicated to the restoration and development of Korean Buddhism and Buddhist culture. Since its establishment in 1975, the KBPF has provided abiding support for a broad range of monastic and lay buddhist activities. The KBPF’s support extends to the activities such as : preservation and maintenance of Buddhist cultural properties ; translation, publication and distribution of Buddhist texts and intellectual works ; Buddhism-related research projects, surveys, artistic works and meetings ; community services ; Buddhism-related international exchange programs. Today, the KBPF is known as one of the most influential Buddhist institutions in Korea for its leading role in the modernization of Buddhism and, most of all, for its sincerity and credibility.
Since its foundation up to now, the KBPF operated in the following philosophies ; Buddhism for everyone, Buddhism in everyday life, Buddhism for the community. In the years to come, the KBPF will continue its mission in this new and additional philosophy ; Buddhism for the World .